Master Data Management

Master data management is a comprehensive method of enabling an enterprise to link all of its critical data to a common point of reference. When properly done, MDM improves data quality, while streamlining data sharing across personnel and departments. In addition, MDM can facilitate computing in multiple system architectures, platforms and applications. The most addressed master data domains are parties encompassing customer, supplier and employee roles, things as products and assets as well as location.

Master Data Management brings data into a single version of truth and

  • Enables democratized data responsibility
  • Eliminates data hoarding
  • Creates transparency of data stewardship
  • Connects and synchronizes data across silos
  • Automates how data is standardized and related
  • And employs governance practices.

MDM supports a data-driven business culture so that data remains trusted and valuable for tactical and strategic decisions, richer insights, and increased efficiency.

Data-driven company relies heavily on master data management. ripelogix collaborates with clients to improve data governance so that businesses can compete in the digital age. Our advice helps clients gain a stronger sense of trust and confidence in their data, as well as a solid foundation for continuous data stewardship that is tailored to their unique infrastructure, capabilities, and aspirations.

Why work with ripelogix?

  • Ability to provide technology-independent advisory, consulting, implementation and maintenance services
  • Competent, experienced resources with expertise in leading MDM technologies.
  • Solution approach and process based on a proven methodology.
  • MDM standards & best practices aligned with the industry.
  • Ability to define and implement a successful governance framework.
  • Supported by a comprehensive suite of data solutions and services.
  • Flexible approach that delivers maximum value to our clients’ MDM program and post-implementation support.
  • Partnerships and alliances with leading MDM software vendors.

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